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The Hockey Area....a guide to the greatest game on ice.

The Hockey Area is one of the largest at Rauzulus Street, and one of the oldest. The information available from the menu contained on the left will equip you with knowledge to win all the office trivia contests. Full of hockey statistics and records this area supplies you with a wealth of information.

Whether you own your own hockey skates and sticks, or just have an interest in the "Greatest Game on Ice" browse the site for the information you want.

Hockey Area Changes - Fall 2010

We move to a database driven website...
in 2010. Already certain sections of the website have been converted but the Hockey Section is recieving a major rewrite for the new season. This includes:

  • NHL players information
  • NHL coaches section added
  • Records added by NHL and teams
  • NHL Draft history added
  • Expanded NHL Stanley Cup information
  • NHL year by year section expanded
  • Addition of Hall of Fame listing

For the Canadian Hockey League and the OHL, QMJHL and WHL Leagues we have added:

  • year by year overviews
  • league standings
  • award winnners for not only the CHL but also by league
  • team season records

The Minor Professional Leagues the section has been completly revised now including season results by league and teams. This area was updated including league mergers and closures. We have not only refreshed the pages but have added many years of standings and of course expanded the awards and trophiy areas.

We are currently revamping the Junior hockey and College hockey sections.

 represents new pages in the hockey area.

National Hockey League (NHL)


  • National Hockey League (NHL) is the starting point for information on the site for the NHL.

  • NHL Directory is a list of contact information for the active NHL teams, including links for specific information on eachl team including records, past season performance and managers.

  • NHL Records section is one of the most extensive on the web, including team and individual records for the modern day NHL, and past season information.

  • National Hockey League (NHL) Player and Coach information

  • All Star Game information, including selections, results and record holders.

  • Stanley Cup area not only includes past winners, but records and team rosters.

  • Trophy Area is a listing of the major NHL trophies awarded, including past winners.

  • Year by Year analysis of the NHL.

  • Review the NHL Draft by year.

  • Hockey Hall of Fame Inductees - lists all the members of the Hockey Hall of Fame located in Toronto, Canada.

Other Pro Leagues

Other North American Professional Hockey Leagues

Hockey's minor league system at the pro level. Included are the individual leagues along with past champions. Full listing Including past leagues

Junior Hockey

Junior Hockey:

From Major Jr A, Tier I, Tier II to Jr C this is a comprehensive listing of leagues and champions both for Canadian and American Junior level hockey. Includes many past championship listings and both Canadian and American playdown results.

College Hockey


Listing both American and Canadian universities that currently support college hockey. Included is a women's hockey area. Also included is Canadian College Leagues, and league information for Division III.

World Hockey


Past performances at the World Hockey Championships and the Olympic hockey games are listed here. Also your chance to track the previous World Junior Hockey Tournament results.

Hockey History:

Hockey Past Leagues:

A historical look at many of the past hockey leagues and development of hockey over the years. We start in 1893 and come forward from there. It is on our other site located at:

Previous Hockey Leagues

Ice Hockey - History

While the exact origins of ice hockey are unclear, it's widely accepted that the British are responsible for bringing hockey to North America. Soldiers stationed in Nova Scotia, Canada, played the earliest games.

In the 1870s, a group of college students at McGill University in Montreal were organizing games and had developed the first known set of hockey rules. In accordance with this new set of regulations, known as "McGill rules," a puck was substituted for a rubber ball, and the number of players on a team was set at nine.

In 1887, Montreal became the site for the first national hockey organization, when the Amateur Hockey Association of Canada was founded.

Although hockey was a national pastime in Canada, the United States was the first country to organize a professional league. Formed in 1904 the International Professional Hockey League, included teams and players from both Canada and the U.S. The league folded three years later, and in 1910, the National Hockey Association was formed. It led to the NHL being formed in 1917.