Basketball Area

The Basketball Area....the free throw zone.

The Basketball Area includes links to the National Basketball Association (NBA) teams, the minor pro leagues and college basketball conferences. In addition there are records for the NBA and past champions for other pro leagues and college leagues or conferences.

So grab your basketball shorts, basketball jersey, your basketballs and dribble through this area. We are sure you will be able to do this without your old basketball coach screaming at your from the sidelines.

National Basketball Association (NBA)

NBA (National Basketball Association)

  • NBA Directory contains team information and links

  • Team season by season performance and managers

  • Links to individual team news headlines.

  • Past NBA Champions

  • Previous NBA award winners.

  • Extensive NBA records section including team and individual records, career leaders and yearly leaders.

  • NBA All Star game information, including 3 point contest and slam dunk contest

  • NBA History, both the NBL and ABA information included.

  • NBA Year by Year pages including stats leaders and standings.

Other Pro Basketball

Other Pro Leagues

  • Listings for other Pro Leagues in basketball. A major facelift here for leagues, as dust has settled, with reorganizations. Also added a Womens Pro Basktball League area.

  • WNBA team links

  • Previous WNBA champions and MVP's

  • Yearly Award Winners

College Basketball

College Basketball

  • Mens and womens team listings to past Final Four winners

  • Canadian University basketball

  • Past conference champions and conference tournament winners for mens and womens NCAA division I basketball.

  • Past champions for NCAA Division II and III Basketball

Basketball - History

In 1891 basketball is developed by Dr. James Naismith, an instructor at a YMCA in Springfield, Massachusetts. The backboard is added in 1895 to prevent fans from interfering with play.

As early as 1898 the first professional league, the National Basketball League, is formed in New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

In 1908 a rule change allowed the dribbler to shoot the ball. In 1914 NCAA, Amateur Athletic Union and YMCA rules are standardized.

The first major professional league, the American Basketball Association is formed in 1925. lasting until 1931.

In 1937 the National Basketball League is formed. The Basketball Association of America, a forerunner of the NBA is formed in 1946 and in 1948 Fort Wayne, Indianapolis, Minneapolis and Rochester jump to the BAA from the NBL

This helped create a merger in 1949 of the BAA merges and the National Basketball League to form the National Basketball Association.

In 1954 the NBA introduces the shot clock to curtail stalling tactics.

The rival American Basketball League begins play and introduces the three-point shot in 1961 before folding in 1962.

A rival to the NBA, the American Basketball Association is formed in 1967. In 1976 the NBA expands to include the ABA's surviving franchises.

Professional basketball players are allowed in the Olympics starting in 1992.